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People that know me, know that i am very fascinated by the human nature, by people’s interactions and the main question is “Why?” Sometimes i feel like a two year old kid that constantly asks his parents the most annoying question, “why this or why that.” I try to find the answers on my questions in books, and so far it has been working…

Todays question that i asked myself and couple of my friends is, “Why some women yell and scream during an argument with men? And why some are not…”

Since my recent life changes i have been living with my sister. We both have same mom and dad, but yet… we are so different in many ways. One of the difference that we have is the expression of our emotions. I am “still waters” like my mom always says, i am quite, reserved, don’t like any arguments and try to avoid them at any cost. Yelling to me is like a red flag, it makes me irritated, annoyed, and i stop respecting that person. When i get angry, and i do get angry, it is not that i am immune to emotions, i go to the ladies room, look in a mirror, grab the counter, then close my eyes and compose myself… sometimes i can even growl a little to get the frustration out, and afterward i am fine. But i guess i do not let go easily, if i was hurt, or lied to i will remember it, i forgive but not forget. My sister, is loud… Emotions are going out constantly as loud as possible, but also she calms down fast. So in our family we learned to ignore it… she is just who she is – loud 🙂

But living together, i started wondering, why does that happen. We both grew up in same environment, same parents, so why do we deal with emotions on such different level?..

I asked couple of my male friends as to their opinion on why women yell and scream during arguments. Here is a basic summary: 

  • “What i think… The main reason is to counter balance the natural physical massive strength of the men… Like small dogs that scream to big dogs…Knowing that they cannot win physically… it is a way of making psychological pressure…”
  • “…Depending on the situation… When women know that they are in a weak position, they use the card of “screaming and being hysterical” because they want to cut the lost discussion…”
  • “…pure pressure. some men afraid of women emotions, so they give in their demands, just to avoid argument.. and women use it as a weapon…”
  • Diana König, journalist and broadcasting author, writes: “If the scream of babies is their first communication method, then is the scream of adults a recession from communication. By screaming, in the opposite of calling, the voice becomes overloaded, over amplified, and it loses it’s control, it’s fundamental sound”.The scream is there before language and it appears where the language reaches its limits.
  • Allen S. Weiss, writer, notes: “The scream reveals the chaotic depths of linguistic and vocal systems”. The use of the term “chaotic” makes assimilations to un control or not wanting to control and that as a vocal expression, is related to scream.
  • Elaine Scarry, writer and literature professor, talks about language in connection to pain and she thinks that pain almost destroys the language because it brings us back into a state where sounds and screams are dominating as they where our means of communication before we learned how to speak. Pain cannot actually be communicated, as it is a personal experience and can only be experienced individually. Pain, as any other concept is actually an individual experience that can only be communicated as an idea and it also is to be interpreted as.

I agree to certain degree with all of the points above, but reading through psychology articles and research, i realized  that i will never find a distinctive answer to my question as to “why?”, i have to accept we are all different and we handle our emotions differently. I could talk on this topic for hours, discussing different scenarios and situations and still would come to the same conclusion – we are all unique, each in our own way, and we need to respect our differences… And by that i mean, not raise voice to the yelling point… We all are emotional creatures, some more emotional, some less, and raised voice is an abusive gesture no matter what the reasoning behind it is… Yes, there is situation in life that probably require such measures, but i believe that with little communication many disagreements can be resolved. 

But sometimes i wonder, who really wins, me – the one that controls my emotions and holds them in, or my sister that lets her emotions out and gets over it?.. In my opinion emotions are like a by-product of the neural regulation of the autonomic nervous system. There should be an outlet for emotions that stored in I would guess, otherwise they would remind of a soda bottle that if you shake it a little – it blows up 🙂 I think my outlet is creating, putting the negative and positive emotions to work and creating projects, art, sewing, painting, cleaning, hiking,  anything that burns off the energy. So maybe finding a correct outlet would make person more content and emotionally stable…


Inspiration: leaves

Inspiration: Leaves…
by Lina Way


Once upon a time  mouse saw a farmer putting a mousetrap in the farmhouse, so she went to the other animals that lived in that farmhouse – chicken, lamb and cow.

“Please, – she asked them, – step on this mouse trap and break it! It will not do you any harm, you big animals, it will not hurt you!”

But chicken, lamb and cow said: “We do not care. Mouse trap is your problem, it has nothing to do with us!”

So it happened, that the mouse trap had nipped snakes tail, that sometimes crawled in farm house to steal some eggs. Snake bit farmer’s wife, that came to milk a cow. When a woman felt sick, farmer killed a chicken to make a chicken soup for his wife. Then lamb was killed for the guests and relatives that arrived to visit sick farmer’s wife. Then the cow was killed to feed everyone at the funeral when the woman died after being bit by a snake….

So the moral is: many things that seems not connected at first and seems like they do not concern us, when they develop they can bring to life another, sometimes sudden actions that concern us the most. Life has no spheres that are not directly connected to us, but the world is round, that is why just for our owns sake, please help others!


Однажды мышь увидела, что хозяин фермы установил в хлеву мышеловку и рассказала об этом другим жителям хлева – курице, овце и корове. “Пожалуйста, – просила она их, – наступите на нее, расколов ее или хотя бы захлопнув устройство! Ведь это вам вреда не принесет!”

Но те невозмутимо отвечали: “Зачем нам это? Мышеловка – это твоя проблема, к нам она никакого отношения не имеет!”

Но так случилось, что мышеловка прищемила хвост змее, иногда приползающей воровать яйца. Змея в свою очередь укусила жену фермера, пришедшую доить корову. Когда женщине стало плохо, ей приготовили суп из курицы. Потом зарезали овцу, чтобы накормить приехавших проведать больную. А потом закололи и корову, чтобы накормить гостей на похоронах, когда женщина всё-таки умерла…

Мораль: многие вещи на первый взгляд кажутся отдаленными и несущественными. Но, развиваясь, они приводят в движение другие, порой совсем неожиданные, механизмы. В жизни нет сфер, которые не имели бы к нам никакого отношения. Мир круглый, поэтому, ради самих себя же, помогайте друг другу!