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dont let her go

I can teach you how to love me.

If you take the time and truly want to know. I can teach you what each of my head tilts mean. I can teach you all the secrets of my body. I can teach you how to handle me when i am moody, how to console me when i am crying, what to say when i act strange or distant around you.

I can show you my wicked smile, the one that only comes out sometimes, the one i put on only when the root at the base of me and all the darkness of the world come prancing up on my spine when i have to let it wiggle and scream because without that it would consume me, as i become the immediate channel for something great and deep and wide and appalling.

I can teach you why and how it hurts when i don’t get attention. I can teach you, that sometimes i will push you away, but inside i will slowly die because i do not want that, and i regret every moment and secretly hope you will not listen and will not go… that in reality i want you to hold me tight and lift me in your arms, and never let me go… i want you to fight for me…


I can teach you how while i have claws, i have choice about when i use them, i can teach you how to declaw me faster and better each time.I can teach you how to preempt my tantrums, how to make it safe for me to come out and play, how to bring forth my love like shining beacon of depth and warmth and delight and freedom.

I can teach you what to do when i reach for you – or maybe you already know. Maybe there are things you already know about me, about how to be with me, just from the way i move or sit or stand or share or the way i light up or shut down.

I can teach you these things, offer them up like so many pebbles, worn and smooth and pure, because i found them and ground them away down into their essence, made them soft by my own tears and trauma. I can bring them to you like a secret offering, fetching from depth of my soul and my anguish, inspired and transpired by the innocence with witch a child places total trust and responsibility in the hands of people who don’t and can’t know everything right all the time.

I learned these things, in fact, to teach you.

When it was hard and i wanted to stop and i wanted it to stop and i wanted to make it stop, when i wanted to arrest the humiliation or destroy the awakening or hold onto the hate or shutter the screams or beat my fists across walls or cover my ears and board up my eyes and silence my mouth forever, i thought of …

The only thing i need from you, the only gift i need you to give me, the only rendition and chorus i require, is for you to ask…

I need you to ask.



Being single changes woman.

She starts solving all her problems alone, not relying on anyone else… But the worst is, that she stops to believe that it could be any other way. Beware of a woman that got hurt. Her heart from that point on will beat steady and her eyes will not express any emotions. She stands out from the crowd, from now on she doesn’t need anybody and prefer to be alone…. She will never belong to anybody…. Beware of such woman, she will drive you insane with her smell and her self confidence, she will make you hysterical with her actions and her mystery, you will not be able to figure her out and that will make you lose your peace… You cannot trust. She plays with men, she says tender words but she does not mean them, and she is always the first one leaving. This kind of woman will never let you inside herself, she will not show her weakness or her fears, and when you ask a question “What are you thinking about?” she always replies “Nothing”. It is difficult to get a hold of her, quite often she turns her phone off or ignores calls, she will never call back and might not respond to your sms.

She never stands out from the crowd, she just DOSN’T NEED ANYBODY ANYMORE

Beware of this woman, even if she forgives – she will never forget



– Would you be jealous if I thought of any woman from my past , being next to you ? Would you worry that I can get away from you to her ?

 – No .

– I guess you do not love me .

– You do not know what you say. Love has nothing to do with jealousy and fear of losing . I love you, but if you want to leave because you can not forget the other woman – it will be good . This will be true. Because if you had stayed , it would mean that you’re lying. If you go, it’s just going to mean that we are not right for each other , and it’s good that you’re gone . Because if you stay – you would have held the position of who is right for me . Anyone who comes to me – do not go away. There is no need to worry about. All is well .

– You’re so weird … like if you do not know how to feel and be affectionate… 

 – Love has nothing to do with attachment . Attachment and jealousy, it means i would not love myself. Fear that someone will  not fall in love with real you . You must not compare myself to anyone . You – it ‘s you. You have your own life . It is given to you. It’s a gift . Do not waste it by comparing yourself with others. This is misleading . You have to look only at yourself . Then you will not go wrong …


— Ты стала бы ревновать, если бы я думал о какой-нибудь женщине из моего прошлого, находясь рядом с тобой? Стала бы беспокоиться о том, что я могу уйти от тебя к ней?
— Нет.
— Наверное, ты не любишь меня.
— Ты не понимаешь, о чём говоришь. Любовь не имеет ничего общего с ревностью и страхом потерять. Я люблю тебя, но если ты захочешь уйти потому, что не можешь забыть другую женщину – это будет хорошо. Это и будет правда. Потому что если бы ты остался, это означало бы то, что ты врешь. Если ты уйдешь, это просто будет значить, что мы не подходим друг другу, и это хорошо, что ты ушел. Потому что если бы ты остался – ты бы занимал место того, кто подходит мне. Тот, кто подходит мне – не уйдет. Не надо ни о чем беспокоиться. Все хорошо.
— Ты так странно любишь… Ты будто совсем не умеешь привязываться…
— Любовь не имеет ничего общего с привязанностью. Привязываться и ревновать, значит – не любить себя. Считать себя хуже кого-то, бояться, что такого как есть – тебя – не полюбят. Ты не можешь ни с кем себя сравнивать. Ты – это ты. У тебя есть cвоя жизнь. Она дана тебе. Это дар. Не трать её на сравнение с другими. Это заблуждение. Ты должен смотреть только на себя. Тогда ты не ошибешься…



At the corner of a field there were Love and Separation standing, watching a young couple. Separation excitedly rubbed her hands: “Do you want to bet I can separate them?!” Love asked her: “Let me come to them one time, and then you can do with them whatever you want – and we will see, if you could separate them”. Separation agreed.

Love came to a young couple, touched them, looked in their eyes and saw, a spark that ran between them… Love then said: “ Now it’s your turn”. Separation answered: “No, now I cannot do anything – now their hearts are full of love. I will visit them later”

Time passed. Separation came in thir house and saw a young mother with child and a father. Separation was hoping that love passed, but, when she looked in their eyes she saw Appreciation. Separation shrugged: “So what, I will come later”…

Years later, Separation came to them again – kids were loud, tiered husband came from work, mother was trying to calm kids down. Now for sure she was going to separate them – because with all this time Love and Appreciation should be long gone from their hearts. But, when she looked in their eyes, she saw Respect and Understanding. “I will come back later” , – muttered Separation.

And then she came back later, kids were all grown up, parents with gray hair were helping their kids with advices. She looked in their eyes and sigh disappointed: she saw Trust. “They will not disappear, I will come later”,  – yelled Separation and slamed the door.

Time passed, Separation peeps in the house, she sees grandchildren, and an old sad Lady near the fireplace. Separation got excited: “Finally, my time came”.She tried to look in older Lady’s eyes, but Lady got up and walked out of the house. Separation followed her. She saw that older Lady came to the cemetery and sit down near a tomb. It was her husband’s tomb.

“ I was too late, – sadly said Separation, – time did my job”. And she looked in older Lady’s eyes. In them she saw tears of Memory – Memory of Love, Appreciation, Respect, Understanding and Trust…


У края поля стояли Любовь и Разлука и любовались молодой парой. Разлука азартно потерла руки: “Спорим, я их разлучу?!” Любовь попросила: “Дай мне подойти к ним один раз, а потом ты можешь делать, что хочешь – и посмотрим, сможешь ли ты их разлучить”. Разлука согласилась.

Любовь подошла к молодой паре, прикоснулась к ним, заглянула в глаза и увидела, как между ними пробежала искра… Любовь отошла и говорит: “Теперь твой черед”. Разлука ответила: “Нет, сейчас я ничего не могу сделать – сейчас их сердца наполнены любовью. Я загляну к ним попозже”.

Прошло время. Разлука вошла в дом и увидела молодую мать с младенцем, отца. Разлука надеялась, что любовь уже прошла, но, заглянув в их глаза, она увидела Благодарность. Разлука пожала плечами: “Что ж, приду позже”…

Спустя годы, Разлука вновь явилась к ним – в доме шумели дети, с работы пришел уставший муж, мать успокаивала детей. Теперь-то она точно должна была их разлучить – ведь за это время и Любовь и Благодарность должны были выветриться из их сердец. Но, заглянув в их глаза, она увидела Уважение и Понимание. “Загляну позже”, – проворчала Разлука.

И снова она пришла. Смотрит – дети уже взрослые, седые родители помогают детям советами. Взглянула она в их глаза и разочарованно вздохнула: в них было Доверие. “Никуда не денутся, приду позже”, – гаркнула Разлука и хлопнула дверью.

Прошло время, заглядывает Разлука в дом, а там бегают внуки, у камина сидит, пригорюнившись, бабушка. Разлука обрадовалась: “Ну вот, мое время пришло”. Хотела она было посмотреть старушке в глаза, но та встала и вышла из дома. Разлука пошла за ней. Вскоре старушка пришла на кладбище и села у могилы. Это была могила её мужа.

“Я опоздала, – опечалилась Разлука, – время сделало мою работу”. И заглянула в глаза старушки. В них она увидела слезы и Память – Память о Любви, Благодарности, Уважении, Понимании и Доверии…