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I feel nostalgic today… So i decided to talk about my hometown… Kiev.
I hear that some people get used to new country new environment very fast, and some keep longing for their hometown… I always wondered why this happens… why people perceive change so differently… After living in US for 10 years, i still long for the culture, churches, for the stone paved streets, especially my favorite – Andriyivskyy Descent, for the long walks in Kiev parks, for the nature and all the trees, for summer rain (which i probably love the most 🙂 ) and even for the snow… I don’t really miss people in particular… Of course every city has its good sides and bad sides, beauties and vices. Every time i come to Kiev i see its metamorphosis, it changes, people change, culture started to become something different, i think that is the reason i do not miss people, but only the City. I guess for now i can say, i am deeply in love with Kiev:)