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Inspiration: leaves

Inspiration: Leaves…
by Lina Way

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Here is my other attempt at the mixed medium painting.

The girl was painted with acrylic paints

The top part of the painting has a french quote written on it. It says: “La Douleur Exquise…”, which means “exquisite pain; (n.) the heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable.”

On the bottom, the quote says ( i will translate into english) “In my life, I lived, I lost, I hurt, I thought, I’ve made mistakes, but especially … I learned”. I apologize if translation is not very accurate, i used a french translator on my MacBook.

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I have been really sick this week so i had some time on my hands to experiment, read, roam the app store and internet. One of my other favorite art pieces is Philosophy by Gustav Klimt.

Philosophy was one of the paintings out of series of paintings made by Gustav Klimt for the ceiling of the University of Vienna’s Great Hall between the years of 1899-1907. The original series contained paintings: Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence. Upon presenting his paintings Klimt came under attack for ‘pornography’ and ‘perverted excess’ in the paintings. None of the paintings went on display in the University. In May 1945 all three paintings were destroyed by retreating SS forces.

In my opinion all three paintings were amazing, but my favorite always will be Philosophy.

“Philosophy had been awarded a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris, but was attacked by those in his own country. Klimt described the painting as follows: ‘On the left of the group of figures, the beginning of life, fruition, decay. On the right, the globe as mystery. Emerging below, figure of light; knowledge’. Critics were disturbed by its depiction of men and women drifting in an aimless trance. The original proposal for the theme of the painting was ‘The Victory of Light over Darkness’, but what Klimt presented instead was a dreamlike mass of humanity, referring neither to optimism nor rationalism, but to a ‘viscous void’”

Since i am in a feverish state of mind, i was “playing” with this painting on my Mac, and here is what came out of it:

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myWPEdit Image

myWPEdit Image

Today i discover a new cool app for Mac users that love to paint but don’t  necessary have such skills. I am a regular mac user that sometimes get bored with usual photo effects and like to explore my options in app store.

Apps name is: Psykopaint

Basically you can take any image, drawing, photograph, and make it into a piece of art painting!

What i like about this app, is that you are actually involved in creating your art! It is not like the apps i tried before where you pick an image and then just push a button and it changes your image automatically, no. In this app you actually pick your brush (Monet brush strokes, Van Gogh brush strokes, etc.) and your style (impressionism, etc.) and than you “paint” your image piece by piece.

So here are some images i did:

The first image i took from Pinterest, created by Jennifer Healy, the second one was created by me in Psykopaint app.


Mixed media art – there are so many options to create an amazing piece of art with regular, every day items. It is kind of a great way to recycle and create at the same time.

Here is my first attempt of mixed media art, basically i used everything i had in my workshop.

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I used canvas. The girl is sketched with pencil size HB 6, i also used acrylic artist paint, 18k gold leafing pen, butterfly stickers (plastic and paper), the blue art piece was printed on the canvas with the printer ( in that area originally i decided to paint a girl, but it didn’t like it).

For me butterflies represent a lot! But in this particular piece butterflies represented a feeling that most of us get when we meet someone new and exciting, butterflies in the bottom of our tummy, and sometimes when we make decisions based on that exciting feeling – we regret it…